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Delta X

Delta X D8-2g Rechargeable Disposable Ceramic Coil

Delta X D8-2g Rechargeable Disposable Ceramic Coil

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Our best selling vapes are rechargeable and contain natural, high quality, and heavy metal tested natural terpenes and pure derivatives. The 2g device is high quality with a ceramic coil and a preheat button to offer the purest taste and best experience all the way through. They are filled with quality ingredients and are small enough to be used discreetly.

Our products are manufactured in a cGMP facility and ingredients are 3rd party tested.

Pre-heat the device before using for the best experience. Enjoy an estimated 700 puffs per device in your favorite flavor.

95% D8 derived from hemp, 5% natural terpenes

*Contains below .3% delta 9 THC

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